Here at AAMCO of Placerville we stake our reputation on our award-winning customer service. sure you’re satisfied with the service you receive.

Best in the business 1 Yr/12,000 mile -coverage

Extended 3 Yr/36,000 Mile and lifetime coverage available.

Our AAMCO center can provide some of your vehicle’s service needs specified in the owner’s manual. Our skilled technicians perform a wide range of services, making our AAMCO center your one-stop shop for all of your vehicle’s repairs and maintenance.

Each of the services below is available at our AAMCO center.

  • External and Computer Diagnostic Services.
  • Nighttime Drop-off Available.
  • Free Towing with Rebuilt Transmission within 5 miles.
  • We Honor Most Extended Warranties.
  • Nationwide Coverage on all Transmission Repair Service.
  • Most General Repair Services Available.
  • Financing Arranged on Approved Credit.
  • Specialists In Automatic, Manual, Front Wheel Drive, Overdrive, and 4×4′s.
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid Services.
  • Manuel Transmission Fluid Services and Repairs.
  • Front and Rear Differential Services and Repairs.
  • Transfer case Services and Repairs.
  • Battery Maintenance Services.
  • Full Service Oil, Lube & Filter Change.
  • Front and Rear Brake Services.
  • CV Axle Services.
  • Driveline Service.

Automotive manufacturers know that a well maintained car, truck or SUV increases the owner’s satisfaction because the vehicle is more dependable and will last longer. That’s why the manufacturer (“factory”) creates detailed maintenance schedules. At a minimum, be sure to follow the factory maintenance schedule. While you should always consult your owner’s manual, many manuals recommend that you service your car more frequently than the manual specifies if you drive in “severe” conditions. Any of the following qualify you as driving in severe conditions: driving in stop-and-go traffic, frequent short trips, extreme temperatures, towing and hauling, driving at prolonged high speeds, frequent start ups and shut downs of the ignition, extensive idling, or driving in mountainous terrain.


February 2024
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